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Furnaces - RUUD® Achiever® High-Efficiency Oil Furnace

RUUD® ACHIEVER® HIGH-EFFICIENCY OIL FURNACE combines state-of-the-art technology with old-world craftsmanship to deliver a furnace that looks good and delivers reliable comfort for years to come.

HOW EFFICIENT IS YOUR FURNACE? If it was manufactured before 1992, chances are it operates at an efficiency rating of 65% or less. An Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) rating of 65% means a furnace only generates about 65¢ worth of heat for every dollar's worth of fuel. Since 1992, federal regulation has required that all furnaces operate at an AFUE of at least 78%.

RUUD Achiever High-Efficiency Oil Furnaces exceed these requirements with AFUE ratings above 80%, so replacing your exisiting oil furnace with a high-efficiency RUUD model can help you reduce heating costs considerably.

RUUD'S LEGENDARY RELIABILITY. Stainless steel primary and secondary heat exchangers are built right into every RUUD Achiever Oil Furnace. These heat exchangers distribute heating comfort evenly throughout your home. RUUD Achiever Oil Furnaces are so reliable, they carry a limited lifetime warranty.